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Ìyá Amapô is a musical project and a performance. It is based on the songs and dances of the Orixás, African gods, honoured in Brazil and the Caribbean, who represent the forces of Nature. With Ìyá Amapô, Sarahysha seeks to understand and translate into a poetic vision the profound influence of these manifestations on the body and psyche of women.

With the intention of understanding the true nature of the feminine, Ìyá Amapô seeks to unleash the creative potential of the female soul, which is too often restricted in human societies. It is based on the studies of the ancestral mothers, the Ìyá Abas, from the pantheon of Kêtu and Yoruba. The music is visceral, reconnects to the essence of the feminine and reintegrates the true meaning of being a woman.

To finance the Ìyá Amapô project, we are launching a participatory fundraising campaign, on the KissKissBankBankBank platform, starting September 14th, 2018. Join us to make this great adventure a reality! In return, get exclusive bonuses on the album and upcoming shows, and our eternal gratitude!


  • Marc Chillet : composition, guitar and production
  • Lionel Guillemin : arrangement and double bass
  • Vincent Phileas : arrangement / percussions


Richard Layan (guitar), Marie Charlotte (flute), Pierre Pothin (tenor sax), Adib Garti (drums), Michel Boss (trumpet) & Teddy Doris (trombone)