SarahYsha is a Brazilian singer, composer and performer based in Reunion Island, France. Her work links her studies in Afro-Brazilian music, dance and performance with Asian research and human development techniques. In her shows, she seeks to establish an interdisciplinary language between bodies, voices and the psyche.

Today, her creative process involves music and performance as a tool for dialogue on issues of femininity, spirituality and the true nature of the human being. Creating a dynamic exchange between artistic languages, SarahYsha seeks, in her plural universe, to develop her experience with the audience in an authentic, profound, and poetic way.



Anthropology, dances and songs of the Orixás

  • Ìyá Amapô” (2017-2018 Brazil / Reunion Island) – Design, choreography, artistic and musical direction, composition and singing.
  • Sarahvá Samba Jazz” (2015 – La Réunion) – Singing, artistic direction and choreography.

International collaborations, Japan & Thailand

  • Kochi Fuku Naka Chi Isana Hosi” (Japan 2016) – Performer in a theatre performance directed by Iida Shigemi, writer and director of Japanese theatre.
  • 1er Festival De Songkran Art & Music Doisaket” (Thailand 2016) – artistic production of the festival – also presentation of the experimental show “Caminho das Águas”.

Musical projects

  • Singer of the Bossa-Nova duo with the French guitarist Marc Chillet at the “Lakasa Jazz Festival”, opening for Kenny Garrett. (Guadeloupe / Caribbean 2015)
  • Aquarella Projet Bossa Nova” – conducted by the Moroccan musician Adib Garti. (France 2017/2018)
  • Le 7éme Sens“, created and directed by Saby Morales, dancer and choreographer from Venezuela (France 2017)
  • Ballet De Danse Africaine” of the Aduna Association of the Indian Ocean, as a singer and dancer. (France 2016/2018)